Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another UFO, but it wasn't my fault!!???

Okay, okay, my fault - I made the sleeves to the captain hook shirt from the Spring 2006, knit.1 magazine (I know, okay -- 2 years ago) Gheesh, but could not find the "right" shirt to put it on. Dang it all. Really silly since the sleeves made up really quick and easily. Very pretty bullion stitch.

Then totally by a fluke a shirt that I bought in a stack of other regular shirts turned out to have the perfect length sleeves to attach these too. (It only took 2 years - so what??) I am in the process of pinning and getting ready to drag out the sewing machine and put them in their place once and for all. I also need to hunt down my ribbons to weave ribbon in the row around the elbow attachment when I finish sewing them down.

Maybe I can post a picture of the finished captain hook sleeves by Tuesday or Wednesday (of this year) haha. Joke - funny!

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2kute said...

very beautiful... good job