Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weather + Cuts + Colds

Wow, Sorry. I haven't posted in forever, but things here have been quite busy. The winter storm that we had here in December sucked. It caused a huge mess that we are still cleaning up. It started out as an ice storm, then snow and rain. The trees were not able to withstand the additional weight of the rain after about 3/4" of ice on them. We lost our power for 6 days, phone for 10, and just last week the phone company finally restrung the line (we had a little pink house line from the road, through the forest, up to the top pole). Lots of Oak trees took out those lines. We didn't get power back till the day after Christmas. At that point everyone was not in a very nice mood.

Mid January, I get a call from the school and am told that they got the bleeding to stop, but that I needed to come look at it. During PE kiddo got hit with the badminton racket, and, yes, stitches were involved (3 of them).

Then the colds hit. I have been continually sick for about 2 months. Stupid cold bugs. These are the kind that totally suck the life out of you. You have no energy. Take naps to try to get energy back. I am finally feeling almost normal. I have done no creative crafting whatsoever. That's how yucky I was feeling.

I now have lots of new ideas and now need to get to work on all of these after Spring Break.